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Welcome to  The Greek Bakery  

In business since 2015

Smells like home!!!

Want to try the authentic Greek flavors? You don't have to travel to Greece when our bakery is here! The moment you step in GREEK BAKERY, you are immediately swept away by the fresh and sweet aroma of traditional Greek smells, tastes and recipes!

Our delicious selection of homemade baked goods is a real treat for your palate! Our specialties include breads, cookies, desserts, homemade pita with our own filo, sweet bougatsa, the famous Thessaloniki bagel (koulouri), the Easter Sweet loaf - all year round - and so many other traditional tastes to try and love! 

Our Story

We opened our doors on the 7th of September 2015. Ever since we opened our establishment all we wanted was the freshest quality of products and the respect for all of those who trust us. Everything is baked daily for the most freshest result and the satisfaction of our customers.

We wanted a part of our life in Greece to be here close to us and to everyone who shares this wish! Food and tradition, is what brings people together. Greeks  have a passion when it comes to food! Based on that, we brought the most famous tastes from an iconic meeting point, such as a Bakery, here in Australia. What can be more traditional, than a visit to the local bakery for breakfast, for lunch, for snack or a treat? 

We choose recipes that are known to everyone and are easy to love when you first try them! With fresh ingredients and the finest quality, we create tastes that bring back memories or create new ones!

We thank you for supporting us and for choosing us. With your love and support our story has been known from day one!

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We may be only a bakery, but we choose to sweeten you with the classics!


Everything is homemade, in the premises and tastes like Greece

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Holiday Seasons

Christmas / Easter

Every year, Greek Bakery, welcomes Christmas and Easter with the traditional tastes of Tsoureki (Sweet Loaf) and all desserts that make our celebrations perfect.

Eggs, orange, vanilla, mahlepi, mastiha, cinnamon, cloves are the smells that make everything taste like home!!

You can find the Tsoureki all year round freshly baked in the bakery, but during holiday period, its best to order and ensure your loaf!!!